The JetKids Team from Norway

JetKids is new company based just outside Oslo, Norway. We are a small team of dedicated employees work to get our innovative product out to parents around the world. In December 2015 we started as a company of 2, and within 2 years we are now a team of 8 permanent employees, in addition to part time employees and consultants. Whilst we all have different roles, you’ll often find us handling lots of different aspects within the company.
Christina, Founder

Christina has spent her whole career in the travel industry. She is the founder of BarnOmbord, a Norwegian retail shop which specialises in children’s travel products. As a Mum-Boss of not just 1 company but 2, she is a inspiration to us all. Christina manages our design, marketing and public relations. She is the reason why the BedBox is the most practical and stylish product on the market.

Halvor, Founder

Before JetKids, Halvor was in the aviation industry for more than 17 years. He has worked as a pilot & aircraft engineer, and has worked for some of the major European airlines. He is our genius inventor who has spent a long time working on this project with his wife, Christina. He is also working quietly with a secret product number 2! 😉

Fredrik Løken, CEO

Coming from huge retailers, we are privileged to have Fredrik join us. His lead of JetKids will take us around the globe working various partners and improving the way JetKids works on a daily basis.

Jørn Andre, Managing Director

Jørn is in charge of our operations and day to day running of the company. He coordinates with our factory, our warehouses, our distributers and retailers. He is the one we send half way round the world for 24 hrs to meet with exciting clients and deals like opening our new warehouses.

Flavie, Social Media Manager

Flavie is our linguist. She speaks French (obviously being French), English, Norwegian, Italian fluently – even some Spanish! If you ever receive a reply in your own language, it is probably her that wrote it! Flavie organises our social media calendar, our B2B marketing, works with our European retailers and much much more.

Alice, Customer Service Manager

Apart from being in charge of the customer service emails, Alice does the copywriting and communication with British and American retailers and press. She also is behind the content on Instagram, regularly posting stories of frequent flying with her young children.

Ragnhild, BarnOmbord

Ragnhild is running the day to day operation of BarnOmbord, which is our Norwegian retail shop that is very specialised into travel products for children. BarnOmbord is a great resource for JetKids, that we use for gaining competence in all the aspects of traveling with kids.

Thea, BarnOmbord

Thea was the first permanent employee of BarnOmbord and JetKids, and is keeping the day to day business in BarnOmbord up and running, along with Ragnhild.